On Monday, May 4th, 2009, I along with many people lost a dear friend with the passing of Charles R. Terry of Morristown, Tenn. Charlie was a unique individual to everyone who knew him. I got to know him as a result of a near-fatal car accident in January of 2004. I became a client of his following the accident and most of all we became friends. He assisted my family through some rough times. His love and passion to help the underdog was a part of his life.

His love for the Tennessee Walking Horse made our relationship even stronger. I write a column in our local paper “Let the Horse Talk” about the walking horse industry. Over the last five years, we would talk or visit not only about my health but also about the horse industry. Since living here in horse country, he would ask me what was going on and I would likewise ask him about the industry. He was involved with ownership of walking horses (Pride’s Jubilee Encore and Allan Callaway winning the World Grand Championship in 2001) as well as defending cases brought by the Government against Tennessee Walking Horse trainers.

He was very civic-minded in his local community and over 50 years in law saw many young lawyers get their start from his office.

To his family whom he loved dearly, we send out thoughts and prayers. Charlie left this world a better place because of his love for family, His Savior and his fellow man. He will truly be missed.


Tom Sumners