Dear Mr. Howard,

As members of the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association and exhibitors at the recent Walking Horse Trainers’ Association Horse Show in Shelbyville, Tenn., we want to thank Dr. John Bennett, Dr. Stephen Mullins, Dr. Richard Wilhelm and Dr. Grey Barker for their outstanding support of the trainers and exhibitors at this horse show.

Because of the current uncertainty surrounding the inspection process at horse shows, the pre-inspection conducted by these veterinarians provided our owners with a better understanding and education of everything involved in the inspection process. As trainers, the pre-inspection provided us with a better idea of what to expect when we presented our horses for inspection since additional inspection requirements were in place at this horse show. We, along with our owners, very much appreciated their pre-inspection and their professional advice regarding our horses.

The willingness of these veterinarians to offer their time and expertise at this horse show indicates the faith and confidence they have in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. Their service is an example of how we must educate ourselves and work together to assure the continued improvement and growth of our industry.

Jackie Byrom
Jackie Byrom Stables

Tony Mercer
Mercer Manor Farm