The Liberty Lions Club will resume at class 15 next Friday, June 28th, beginning at 6:30 pm.

There will not be an admission charge at the gate for the show and if you purchased rail parking, you will still have same spot for the show this week. 

If anyone has horses they entered in class 15 thru 33 and those horses you entered are not coming back to show––you can substitute another horse in classes 15–33 at no extra charge.

The entry office will open at 4:30 to accommodate these changes, so please arrive early to get this taken care of. Any additional horses can be added to any other the classes even if they weren’t entered on the original show date. 

Example: if you had two horses entered past class 14 and one or both of the horses are not going to show this Friday–you are bringing two additional horses, you will just swap out the entries.