SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – One of the most prized pieces of real estate in Bedford County is only about eight-feet square. It’s a box of seats at The Celebrationsm .

Each year, several boxes are turned in for "one year only" sales. This normally occurs when the box holder is not able to make it to The Celebrationsm that particular year due to an illness, graduation, wedding, or other family event. This year is no different…there are several boxes available for purchase for 2007.

Those wanting to purchase a box (for one year only in 2007) began signing up during the Spring Fun Show. There are still a few boxes remaining at different locations throughout the main arena. Anyone interested in securing a box for 2007 is urged to contact The Celebrationsm Ticket Office as soon as possible.

Fans wishing to be on the waiting list for permanent assignment may also contact the ticket office. Once you are on that list and make it to the top, you will be contacted when a box becomes available for permanent assignment.

The Celebrationsm is the longest continually-running event in the state of Tennessee, dating back to 1939. The 2007 Celebration is scheduled for August 22-September 1.