Rep. John Rose (TN) and Rep. Scott DesJarlais (TN) hosted House Agriculture Committee Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson (PA) and fellow Agriculture Committee member Rep. Jonathan Jackson (IL) on a tour of locations in Middle Tennessee that included a visit to Allan Callaway Stables in Shelbyville. Also, in attendance were American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall and Tennessee Farm Bureau President Eric Mayberry. Also, Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture, Dr. Charlie Hatcher and Deputy Commissioner Jeff Aiken were in attendance.

The group included staff from the congressmen’s offices as well as other members of Tennessee and American Farm Bureau. Representatives from the industry set up the tour at Allan Callaway Stables which included an exhibition of Checkpoint Charlie by Laurie Toone. The group also saw juvenile Eli Cunningham exhibit his World Champion, It’s The Medalist. John Allan and Bill Callaway answered questions about the performance Tennessee Walking Horse and rode several horses for the group.

Both Rep. Thompson and Rep. Jackson rode a performance Tennessee Walking Horse as part of the visit and both were impressed with the calm demeanor and smooth gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse. The group finished their tour with John Allan riding two-time World Grand Champion Justified Honors.