The Owner Amateur Gentleman Drivers Fine Harness class got the evening rolling with seven entries. Judge Milligan called the class. A powerful force in the fine harness division, Genius Gold Spirit and Bob Keenan cruised into the winners circle following a good ride. On The Money and Ben Harrell received the reserve award in the class. Third place honors went to Maximum Threat and Toby Scarborough for Meadowbrook Farms.

The second class of Monday evenings performance was the Park Pleasure Four-Year-Olds with Amateur Riders. Judge Whitehead had the duty of calling the talented class. It didn’t take long for the judges to decide that A Greater Generator and Mary Martin deserved the blue in the class. Leo and Mary Martin from Eldon, Missouri are the proud owners. Reserve honors were given to Gen’s Major Coin and Patti Pollack for Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch. The Beaming Skywatch and Stuart Gibbs took third.

The sole championship class of the night was the Amateur Western Trail Pleasure World Grand Championship. Judge Rollie Beard was placed in charge of calling the class. After yet another exemplary performance, Olympic Angel was crowned Amateur Western Trail Pleasure World Grand Champion. Marilynn Staley Friedman was the rider and owns the horse as well. The successful Pride’s Smart Alex and Lindy Holt pulled off a great showing to take reserve. The striking Solitude’s Sugar Babe and Kathy Potter received third for Daniel Potter.

Judge Gilmer had the task of calling the next class. The Owner Amateur Riders on Walking Geldings boasted many talented horses. With a successful show season and plenty of skill backing them, Jubilee’s Star Wars and Daniel Groover earned a first place win with ease. Groover is also the owner. Second place honors were then presented to Barracuda and Mary Medina of Skillman, New Jersey. Third in the powerful class went to the always entertaining Fudpucker and Becky Coleman.

The competition keeps getting hotter in the Elite classes. As the Elite entries qualify for the Elite Owner Amateur Grand Championship they have made the preliminaries thrilling classes to watch. Tonight’s Elite champion was crowned in the Elite Owner Amateur Lady Riders on Walking Stallions. Ten entries competed in the class as Judge Irby called it. A showring star of the past, present, and future, Pride’s Sundance Star claimed the top honors in the class with Kay Green. This mighty stallion is best remembered as the 1995 World Grand Champion and last year’s Riders 50 & Over World Champion. Pushover And Lookout took reserve with Lucky Collins. Wilsene Moody directed Blues to a third place tie.

Celebration history was made next as for the first time ever a class was split into four divisions. The Two-Year-Old Stallions class was the class and twenty-five participated in the A Division. The honorable Don Milligan called the first division of two-year-olds. The Spring Fun Show’s Two-Year-Old Stallion Champion has had everyone talking and tonight he showed them how great he is with his walking. Ritz’s Diamond Joe and Jamie Bradshaw were awarded first with a unanimous decision of the judging panel. Randall and Martha Ferguson are the owners from Union Grove, Alabama. Reserve in the first division went to NYPD and Tim Gray after they made an awesome show for Mr. and Mrs. Gus King. Third went to He’s Pushin The Ritz and Scott Benham for Legacy Walkers.

Call judge in the second split was Whitey Whitehead. It was quite a night for trainer Joe Cotten. Cotten successfully directed the winners of the next two divisions in the two-year-old competition. The first was A Strong Dollar. Cotten and A Strong Dollar beat out a field of twenty horses to receive the top honor in the class. Curtice McCloy is the thrilled owner of this magnificent colt. The red ribbon was then awarded to Pose For Hard Cash and Rodney Dick for Doyle Wayne and Anita George. Watch Out and Jackie McConnell took third for Bob Culbreath.

Twenty-four entries were presented in the third round of two-year-stallion competition as Judge Rollie Beard acted as call judge. Division C found Joe Cotten in the winner’s circle yet again. This time it was aboard the beautiful and bay Ted Williams. Dr. Jim and Kay Green are the owners from Meridian, Mississippi. Watch My Dust tied second in the fine class with Dick Peebles for Evan and Cecila Allison. Third wen to Contaminated and Jimmy McConnell for Vickie Garland.

The Division D finished out the Two-Year-Old Stallion splits. Judge Ray Gilmer was appointed call judge in the class. The quality of the horses in the previous splits was superb and the final division was no different. After taking a third place tie in the previous split, Jimmy McConnell quickly switched horses and climbed atop Dragonfly to take the first place award in Division D. Mary Medina is the elated owner from Skillman, New Jersey. Keep’s Memories finished reserve in the fine class with Scotty Brooks for the Butch Thomas family. Olympic’s Supergizer received third with Chad Baucom for Allen May.

A large class of thirty Owner Amateur Novice Lady Riders on Novice Stallions filled the big oval as the night continued on. Ty Irby called the large class and a workout was called for at the start of it. Following the first lineup five entries were called on to park in on the grass. After the judges had finished choosing the select few to stay and complete the class a total of twelve were parked in. When the hard fought battle for first was over the team of Cut The Smoke and Brenda Carlon emerged successful as they were awarded the blue. Reserve was given to Irrational and Heidi McWilliams for McWilliams Realty and Auction. Centennial Pusher took home third with Sabrina Young for Sweet Revenge Stables.

The Show Pleasure Walking Horses with Amateur Gentleman Riders entered the ring next as the evening began to wind down. Judge Milligan called the class of twenty-one entries. Insomnia and Keith Johnson gave a great performance to receive a well-deserved blue. Keith and Suzy Johnson are the owners from Shelbyville, Tennessee. Red ribbon honors were awarded to Slippen Around And Scored and Jim Richmond. Third place was earned by Pusher’s Citation’s Lady and Frank Columbo.

Seven responded to the call for the Owner Amateur Riders on Walking Mares. Judge Whitey Whitehead called the class. The unforgettable team of My Jackie O’ and Margaret Anne Beech were selected to add another championship win to their collection. The Ray Beech family owns the talented mare. Major Splish Splash and Rita Hudgins took home reserve. Figgy Puddin’ and Susanne Littell were awarded third.

The final class of the evening was certainly a thrill to see. Nineteen entries worked towards the 15.2 and Under World Championship as Judge Beard called the class. Steve Aymett and his magnificent black stallion, London Rain, reigned down upon the competition as they gave a perfect performance to claim first. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark of London, England and Charlotte, North Carolina are the owners. 2001 15.2 & Under Reserve World Grand Champion American Patriot and Blake Sims tied second for the Mike Chiapparri family. Third went to Juke Walkin and Knox Blackburn for Autumn Crest Farms.

Despite how late it was, everyone hated to see the night end after such a great show. Records were broken, Champions were crowned and memories were made during the Monday evening edition of the 2002 Celebration. Tuesday’s show will keep things going at full speed with the Four-Year-Old Walking Mares and 15.2 & Under Amateur classes.