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To Those Who Have Been Critical of a Lack of a Definitive Plan

The National Horse Protection Society has gone about their efforts by consulting experts and other organizational equine groups, by asking all industry organizations to provide input and suggestions within the parameters of the Elite Panel of Equine Veterinarians recommendations, by establishing an interim study committee, and conducting deliberate research, input and advice. It was determined that a workable plan must and should have input of those organizations and their members which endorse the mission statement. This will confirm that indeed this has been the case.

With the establishment of the interim board of governance and compliance committees, we are excited to continue working with the NHSC and the KY HIO with the goal of a united industry. Together these two HIOs affiliate and inspect over 95% of the Tennessee Walking Horse shows.

To accomplish long-term resolution requires meaningful input, competent advice, an open mind, and putting the welfare of the horse first. Although not as exciting, the hard work will pay long-term dividends.