On May 24, 2002, the NHSC Rules Committee met and after being called to order by its chairman, Toby Scarborough, a brief discussion of the one inch Plantation Pleasure Heavy Shod shoe rule change request ensued. Upon motion of Judy Martin, duly seconded by Jim Welch, the following resolution passed unanimously:

BE IT RESOLVED that the NHSC Rules Committee proposes that the following Rule Amendment be published for public comment during the period commencing May 25, 2002, and ending November 24, 2002:

That only the Plantation Pleasure Heavy Shod shoe width be reduced from one and one-half inches to one inch.

Individuals desiring to express their opinions on the Rule Amendment, pro or contra, must do so in a signed writing, clearly stating the reasons for that opinion, and mail it to the NHSC Rules Committee at Post Office Box 167, 1021 Coloredo Blvd., Shelbyville, TN 37160.