Members of the TWHBEA Executive Board, The Walking Horse Owners' Board and
members of the Walking Horse Trainers' Association met December 12, 2005 at
the Franklin,Tenn., Marriott. There was an open and vigorous discussion of
the issues in front of the industry, according to TWHBEA. There was not a
consensus. On the issues, however there was a strong agreement the dialogue
should continue regarding the future of the NHSC.

The Walking Horse Report received an update from Trainers' Association
President David Landrum on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2006. "The Commission is intact
and going forward with the Trainers' Association and WHOA, and perhaps other
organizations, with Lonnie Messick continuing to serve as Executive Vice
President." Landrum said they he had not heard whether or not TWHBEA had
made a decision about resigning.