MORRISTOWN, TN- The 2007 Membership Meeting was a huge success as 
many members crowded into the conference room at the Holiday Inn in 
Morristown to vote for the 2007 Officers and Board Members. President 
Hershel Blessing presided over the meeting as the votes were cast and 
ballots were counted.
             Hershel’s farewell speech was well received as he 
explained the complications that arose during his 2006 term as 
president. One being the fact that too many board members where 
mistakenly added last year resulting in the election this year of a 
new board with only 6 members (one from each district and a floater). 
Also he explained that the ETWHA had not been chartered for many 
years and he and some other board members have taken care of this 
issue for 2007. Hershel’s final statement quoted from Wink Groover is 
one we should all try to remember: “Showing Tennessee Walking Horses 
is a hobby that we should all enjoy. It should not be all about 
wining, but we as an organization are a family and we should treat 
each other accordingly. If we do not stick together as one and fight 
for our rights as owners and trainers there is not going to be any 
more Saturday night shows to go to.” What Wink said reminds us of the 
old adage, “United we stand, Divided we are conquered.”
             After a brief intermission to allow for the ballots to 
be counted, Hershel returned to the podium and announced the New 2007 
Officers and Board Members.


President, Sandy Eifling
Vice President, Ricky Rouse
Secretary, Vicky Ricker
Reporter/Newsletter, Tracie Barron
Web Page, Lisa McKay


Tri-Cities: Jackie Barron
Knoxville/Sevierville: Richard Lindsay
Greenville/Rogersville: Dwight Brooks
Morristown: Ken Estes
Floater: Vicki Hughes Grindstaff
Alternate: Lisa Anderson

             The 2007 officers and board members represent each 
district and every aspect of the walking horse business and look 
forward to helping secure our association’s future as well as the 
future of the Tennessee Walking Horse.
             President elect Sandy Eifling stepped up to the podium 
and announced that she was very happy to have been elected and 
promised to do the best job possibly to ensure the 2007 show season 
would be the best one yet. She also said that any member who wishes 
to attend any of the meetings is welcome. There is now an open door 
policy so that everyone has the opportunity to do their part.

Congratulations New 2007 ETWHA Officers and Board Members!