As horse shows are adding different and varied classes, The Walking Horse Report has updated their High Point program with several new categories.  The owners, riders and trainers over the past few years have discussed and sent suggestions as to how we should upgrade our program.  We are happy to announce we are adding the following WHR and WHOA High Point categories. You will also notice that the categories named Plantation Pleasure/Lite Shod have been changed to Lite Shod to include all classes that are identified as Lite Shod.

All Day Pleasure Youth
Racking Performance
Racking Pleasure
Spotted Country Pleasure
Spotted Lite Shod
Spotted Non-Specified
Spotted Open Shod
Spotted Trail Pleasure
Walking Horse Report’s comprehensive highpoint program recognizes horses that show and win all season long. We believe that horses should be recognized for their performances throughout the year. Consequently we developed this highpoint database in an effort to collect, process, and dispense this information in an understandable format. We believe we have the most accurate, comprehensive program possible to recognize those horses that earn top ribbons throughout the year.

The Walking Horse Report will report the results of all TWH, Spotted and Racking shows that are submitted.  The High Points program will only recognize shows that are affiliated with an accredited HIO. 

As the show season progresses, please be sure to check our High Points standings frequently.

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