Walking Horse Report has launched our newest informational tools for breeders of Tennessee Walking Horses. The two new tools at www.WalkingHorseReport.com provide the information mare and stallion owners need to know to make better breeding decisions.

The Progeny Search allows users to input the bloodline of their broodmare and to get a ranked list of stallions that have crossed with that bloodline to produce offspring that have performed well in the show ring in 2007 and beyond. This tool is cumulative, so it will become more valuable over the years as more and more data is included. Currently all show records from 2007 and beyond are included.

The Sibling Search enables users to find full siblings by inputting both the sire and dam of a particular horse to see if there are full siblings earning ribbons in the show ring. The half sibling search will return the same data by inputting only the dam’s name.

For the stallion owner, these new tools can be invaluable in marketing their stallion’s services. Mare owners can make more informed decisions about who they should select for a stallion.

This brand new tool launched this week at no additional cost to the Walking Horse Report online subscriber.

There will be marketing opportunities for the stallion owners who want to provide mare owners with an immediate link to their own website and/or email address so that they can get more information about breeding to particular stallions. A limited number of these stallion banners will be available soon. Stallion owners can call Ashlea Wheelon at 931-684-8123 to reserve their space.