The National Horse Show Commission has notified Charlie Green that Jazz King, an entry owned by Keith Breedlove, broke NHSC rules at the Spring Fun Show by showing in an under 15.2 class and an over 15.2 class in the same night, and is being stripped of his win.

Whitney Breedlove first showed Jazz King in class 19 in the owner/amateur 15.2 and over class, but she was excused after entering the ring by the judges. All three judges turned in a card asking that the horse be excused.

Trainer Charlie Green returned with Jazz King later the same night in class 25 in the 15.2 and under walking stallions class.

Jazz King and Green won the 15.2 and under class, but due to the rule violation, the class has been retied. According to the Official NHSC Rule Book, at a given show, a horse that measures 15.2 and under may show in either 15.2 and under or over 15.2 classes, but is not permitted to show in both.

Jazz King is a veteran campaigner in amateur and open competition and has been shown 65 times since 2003. He has been shown four times this year with 1 blue, 2 reserves and a fourth. Whitney made a strong show on the horse two week's prior to the Fun Show tying in the Amateur Specialty Class at the Shelbyville Central High School Band Boosters Show.