SHELBYVILLE, TENN -- At its meeting this week, the National Horse Show Commission reviewed suggestions that have been made regarding the inspection process for the 2006 Celebration.  “We are certainly open to any suggestions that will help increase compliance at the Celebration and other shows we affiliate,” said David Pruett, NHSC chairman.  “We need to be sure that any proposed changes are well thought out and are implemented in a correct and enforceable manner.”

     The NHSC Board of Directors established criteria for reviewing these suggestions and appointed a committee to study each suggestion.  Pruett appointed Lonnie Messick, NHSC Executive Vice President, Dr. John O’Brien DVM and Bailey Little, Celebration Director to serve on the committee.  The committee will use the following criteria when reviewing the suggestions:
     a. The change must reflect a positive improvement,
     b. must be enforceable,
     c. be capable of being implemented,
     d. be financially responsible and
     e. be reasonably expected to enhance levels of compliance.

     This committee will review the specific requests made by the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association and the Walking Horse Owners’ Association, as well as any other suggestions received by the NHSC.  Pruett expressed his confidence that the committee will be fair in their analysis and encouraged them to make their recommendations as soon as possible.  “Out of fairness to trainers, exhibitors and DQPs at the Celebration, we need to announce any changes well before the show.  It is our intent that any new programs and initiatives be announced and thoroughly explained, giving ample time to answer any questions before they are implemented.”

     The NHSC expects to review the committee’s recommendations at their next regularly scheduled meeting.  Any other suggestions should be directed to NHSC at 931-684-9506.