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Five representatives of the National Horse Show Commission met with USDA officials on Friday, March 3, 2006 in Washington, D.C.

David Pruett, Chairman of the NHSC, David Landrum, President of the Walking Horse Trainers Association, Lonnie Messick of the NHSC, Allan Callaway, First Vice President of the WHTA, and Knox Blackburn, NHSC member and past president of the WHTA visited with Dr. Todd Behre, Dr. Chester Gipson, Dr. Allan Hogue and Mike Tuck of the USDA to discuss the upcoming show season and the horse inspection process.

There was effective communication on many different issues, and the groups met to lay the ground work for progress in the inspection area and enforcement of the Horse Protection Act.

“It was a good meeting and we exchanged valuable information on the horse industry as a whole. We discussed what to expect with the inspection process this year and how it differs from prior years,” said Lonnie Messick.

“ We [NHSC] are going to do what we are supposed to do. We want to work with them [USDA] and to keep the lines of communication open. If they have things they need to speak to us about, we're wide open for that,” explained Messick.

David Pruett added, "The only way we are going to fix our problems is by keeping an open dialog with the USDA. This meeting was a positive step in that direction."