It’s Official The Top Ten Champions In The High Point Report Walking Horse Report’s comprehensive high point program recognizes horses that show and win all season long. This is our second year of the High Point Report and we made a lot of improvements. We had a terrific response from show managers and we received many more results in a more timely fashion. We added categories and made modifications in others. The idea for this program initially began with a belief that horses should be recognized for their performances throughout the year. Much like NASCAR or PGA golf stats, we thought people would like to know throughout the year who was winning where and how often. It was a massive undertaking. There are so many people who have invested so much time to make sure that we have developed the most accurate, comprehensive program possible. Results were compiled from over 220 horse shows from 30 states across the country. Shows with a single judge are single point shows where points are earned from first through third place. Shows with a panel of multiple judges are double point shows and points are awarded for first through fifth place. The Celebration is the only triple point show and points are awarded for all places. Thus, first place at a small show pays 10 points, while a world championship title pays 30 points. Besides the dedication of our staff, the reason this program is successful is the tremendous response we receive from you, our readers. We receive thousands of e-mails with compliments, suggestions and clarifications. We appreciate your overwhelming support and ask for your continued involvement. All of our Top Ten High Point Report Champions received a frameable certificate and a logo pin to recognize their accomplishments. We hope that they will proudly wear the logo pin as a lapel pin, a back number pin, or display it in their trophy case. Only Top Ten Champions will have these pins. We also rewarded the High Point Report Grand Champions with personalized stadium chairs with their horse’s name and the category he won embroidered directly on it. We are very proud of the High Point Report and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Spend time reviewing who won in 2004 and how they received their points. Make plans for your show season in 2005 and as soon as show season begins, you’ll be able to check the points which are updated daily as the shows happen. In 2005 we are committed to bringing you the results and the high point statistics sooner than ever. We have enlisted the help of show management and show secretaries to bring you results faster than ever before. We are also going to expand the depth of coverage of our results. Single point shows will now receive points through fifth place. Double and triple point shows will receive points for all placings. I would like to thank some very special people who bring the High Point Report to life for you. Specifically, I want to express my appreciation to Brad Rezza, Sally Carver, Jan Ontiveros, Cindy Throneberry, and the production staff of Dabora, Inc. for their hard work and dedication! We hope you enjoy this second annual keepsake edition of the High Point Report. We dedicate this issue to the wonderful horses that are out there showing again and again to keep us entertained! There’s nothing more exciting than a great show horse - you know the type - eager to entertain, building up as the crowd cheers him on. Some of them are world champions, horses of the year, regional high point winners. Some are not. But they are all show horses and they do it because they love it. We want to recognize them for their efforts. We want to honor their contributions. Most of all, we want to see them show some more! Let’s take a look at who topped the High Point Report in 2004. How did they get their points? It’s not always blue ribbons that propel these champions to the top, but the most consistent performers do win in the end. Let’s review how they did it. Sincerely, Christy Howard Parsons The 2004 High Point Report Reading Between the Lines by Christy Howard Parsons Walking Horse Championship Cold Hard Truth and Paul Livingston topped the 2004 High Point Report in the Walking Horse Championship category by showing every time they got the chance. With an amazing 14 performances in four different states, they racked up 165 points, five more than this year’s reserve world grand champion. Wins at Waynesville, N.C.,Tazewell Jaycees in New Tazewell, Tenn., ETWHA Trainers’ Show in Chestnut Hill, Tenn., Ocoee Classic in Cleveland, Tenn., and Tennessee State Championships in White Pine, Tenn., added 60 points to their score. Add in nine other top ribbon performances and you have a successful season for Mr. and Mrs. Charles McSpadden. Congratulations! Reserve world grand champion Main Power hit the ring eight times in 2004 and earned five blue ribbons including two wins at Jackson, one at Lewisburg, Woodbury, and the International. He also earned two reserve finishes at the Celebration. Joe Cotten directed this popular entry to his 160 points and a reserve finish in the High Point Report for his owners Holland, King and Kilgore. Jubilee’s Image and Curt Caldwell also earned impressive stats, showing 15 times in 2004. In all they earned 12 blue ribbons and three reserves, all at single point shows across Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Matt McWilliams owns this talented entry who finished third in the point standings. Mickey McCormick and Pusher’s High Voltage were third in the Section A qualifier of the Walking Horse stake at the Celebration. They also had a terrific season highlighted by wins at Manchester, Great Strides, and East Tennessee Classic. Beckie Hicks owns this talented entry who earned 127 points to finish in fourth. The fifth place in the points race went to He’s Outlaw Josey Wales and Billy Gray. This exciting team went to the ring eight times this season and earned five blue ribbons. They also collected a reserve world championship in the Section B qualifier at the Celebration and finished fourth in the World Grand Championship. This earned Carol Ann McLaughlin’s entry 124 points for a fifth place finish in the High Point Report. Rounding out the Top 10 High Point Report Champions are Cash’s All Star and Larry Edwards, WGC The Black Night Shade and Jimmy McConnell, I’m Unarmed, Freedom Fighter and Charlie Green, and Pusher’s Backstreet Boy. Walking Mares or Geldings Barracuda stung the competition in the High Point Report, earning 130 points in mare and gelding classes, 36 more than the nearest competitor. They achieved this by showing eight times this year and racking up five blue ribbons, two reserves and a fourth. Jimmy McConnell trains and rides Barracuda for Bob and Mary Medina. Cheatin Danger and Joe Cotten earned the reserve spot in the High Point Report by earning 94 points, 60 of which came from winning the Walking Mares and Geldings World Grand Championship and the gelding qualifier at the Celebration. They also won at Gulf Coast Charity this year. Trish Harrison owns the entry. Kat Man Dude earned a second and third place finish at the Celebration to add to three other strong performances for a point total of 90 and third place in the High Point Report. Ray Gilmer directs this entry for owners Tom and Polly Ware. Tennessee Gen and John Allan Callaway hit the ring five times to earn 80 points, 42 from the Celebration, 18 from a reserve at Columbia, and 20 from two single point show wins - Tony Rice and Dickson. Michael Hart now owns this talented entry. Lizzie Borden and Scotty Brooks also hit the ring five times to earn 70 points and a fifth place finish in the point standings. Jim Ed Stuart owns this talented entry. Highlights of their season include wins at North Carolina State Championship and the Kentucky Celebration. The remaining top 10 High Point champions are They Call Me Sir and Jimmy McConnell, Main Majorette and Jeff Willis, Sanman and Link Webb, Rising Rhythm and Knox Blackburn, and The Generator’s Legend and Mike Blewitt. Open Specialty Almost 300 horses competed in classes that earned points in the Open Specialty category, but only one could top the points standings. The Feel, owned by Robert Hill and shown by David and DeeDee Polk, earned 106 points in nine trips to the show ring. Highlights of their season include a win at Lenoir Optimist Club and top ribbons all across the Carolinas. Tarheel Cash and Derek Bonner earned 79 points in five performances highlighted by wins at Land O Sky, North Carolina Foothills Jubilee, East Tennessee Fall Classic, and the South Carolina Championship. Bob and Mary Rollins own this talented entry. Pusher’s Revival and David Fields were only five points behind to come in third in the point standings. They showed eight times this season to earn three firsts, four seconds, and a third in shows across Oregon and Washington. Karrie Paul owns this entry. Marvin North showcases The Lottery to the best of his ability. This year they hit the ring five times to earn wins at Gallatin and Jackson. They also earned a red, a yellow and a white ribbon this season. Together these added up to 70 points and a fourth place finish in the points for owners Dr. and Mrs. R. Rigual. The fifth place finish goes to Santana’s Secret and Karrie Paul who earned four firsts, two seconds, and a third to earn 66 points in the High Point Report. Rounding out the top 10 winners are Crackerjack Edge and Knox Blackburn, He’s Busting Wide and Mike Maack, Chicago and Jack Way, Prime On Display and Steve Woody, and Thief’s Delightful Man and Larry Edwards. 15.2 & Under London Rain and Chad Baucom enjoyed a successful season to top the High Point Report in the 15.2 & Under category. Steve Aymett started the year off right with reserve performances at the Trainers’ Show and the Fun Show to earn 36 points. Then Chad Baucom took over for owner Charles Clark and earned three firsts, two seconds, and two third place finishes at the Celebration. Together this gave them 170 points, 31 more than the nearest competitor to top the High Point Report. Pusher’s Pzazz and Tim Smith earned 139 points in 11 trips for Mr. and Mrs. G.L. McNeill to earn the Reserve High Point Championship. Wins at Alabama Jubilee, Fairview, Crossroads of Dixie, Cornersville, Manchester and the Magnolia Classic highlighted a fantastic season. Major Gee Whiz and Jimmy McConnell enjoyed a terrific season for owners Jim and Bonnie Gerhardt to earn 119 points in 10 performances and the third place finish in the point standings. Wins at Mid America Spring, Holly Springs, and Brownsville highlighted the season. Gen’s Johnny Walker Red and Sammy Day are popular 15.2 entries. Gary and John LeGate own the reserve world grand champion. In their five trips this season, this talented team also won at the Gulf Coast Charity, the National Trainers’ Show and the International. Together they earned 114 points for a fourth place finish in the points race. I’m Splashed and Joe Cotten earned 83 points for a fifth place finish. Big wins at Woodbury (with Marvin North) and Gallatin highlighted the season for owners Hillview Productions and Lindsey Landrum. The rest of the illustrious top 10 are Watchtower and Link Webb, Front Page Generator and Paul Livingston, UC I’m Ultra Gold and Bill Cantrell, Pride’s Pickle and Dick Peebles, Cut a Rug and Jimmy McConnell and Dan Waddell, and Ritz Jr and Scott Beaty. Open Four-Year-Old Dragonfly dominated the open four-year-old points standings with 209 points - 62 more than the reserve winner. Jimmy McConnell trains this outstanding four-year-old for Bob and Mary Medina. In 2004 they earned seven blue ribbons, a reserve, and a second and third place finish at the Celebration. I’m An Evil Rebel and Chad Baucom earned 147 points to be named the Reserve High Point Report champion for owner Madison Holloway with a terrific season punctuated by five blue ribbons, two reserves and two sixth place finishes at the Celebration. Jimmy McConnell is back in the chart again at number three with Altima, an entry owned by Carol Sims. In eight trips to the ring, Altima earned 139 points highlighted by a reserve at the Celebration in the four-year-old mares and wins at the Trainers’ Show, the Gulf Coast and the Fun Show. This makes 18 open four-year-old classes that featured Jimmy McConnell. Hulon Humphrey and Aristotle Onasis made eight successful trips to the show ring, Jack Way did the honors in three more, and Ray Beech finished up with another as the new owner of Aristotle Onasis. In all the 12 trips amassed 128 points for a fourth place finish in the High Point Report. Quattro and Knox Blackburn enjoyed a successful season with nine performances for owner Paul Bryan highlighted by a win at Walking to Make A Difference. Their 120 points earned them a fifth place finish in the points race. Rounding out the top 10 finishers are A Strong Dollar and Link Webb, Master Pusher and Terry Givens, Highway Robbery and Link Webb, Push Toos Cowboy and Knox Blackburn, and Pushovers Harley and Justin Jenne. Open Three-Year-Old An amazing 454 different horses earned points in the open three-year-old division. But the best of the best was Empire Maker and Ronnie Spears who earned 159 points in their nine performances. Five wins at Dixie Jubilee, Manchester, Woodbury, and the Spring Fun Show added to reserves at Belfast and the International and third and fifth place finishes at the Celebration to make for a stellar season. Congratulations! The next three places were very close with I Could Command edging out the competition to secure the reserve High Point championship. Knox Blackburn showcased I Could Command 10 times to earn three firsts and four seconds including a reserve world championship at the Celebration. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Luna own this talented entry. Pushing The Gen and Ray Gilmer also earned a reserve world championship (in Section A) as well as five blue ribbons and three other reserves to earn 135 points and a third place finish in the standings. Mrs. Dudley Moore owns the entry. Jerry Manes directed Major Production to successful shows 14 times this season and earned 133 points for their efforts. This earns owner Gene Goff the fourth place finish in the High Point Report. Highlights of the season include nine blue ribbons and three reserves at shows across Missouri, Iowa and Arkansas. The Three-Year-Old World Grand Champion The Stanley Cup earned 118 points for a fifth place finish in the High Point Report. Joe Cotten rides for Dr. and Mrs. R. Rigual. In seven performances, The Stanley Cup won classes at Jackson, Money Tree, Tony Rice, Lewisburg and the Celebration. Other outstanding three-year-olds in our top 10 are The Image of Ritz and Larry Edwards, Irresistible Cash and Paul Livingston, Neon Bright and Larry Edwards, Jose’s Intimidator and Jamie Bradshaw, Blue Blooded Bandit and John Allan Callaway, Watch Me Closely and Jimmy McConnell and Sweeping Up The Cash and Stacy Gunter. Open Two-Year-Old Another 450 horses earned points in the two-year-old division. A High Dollar Charge bested them all with 154 points earned in nine performances this season with Winky Groover directing for the Mark Taylor family. A reserve world championship was certainly a highlight of the season, but there were a lot of other highlights as well including wins at the International, the Spring Fun Show, the Southern Championships, Wartrace, Tony Rice and the Alabama Jubilee. Congratulations to our High Point Report champion on one more reason to celebration 2004! Mickey McCormick and The Perfect Masquerade won the Two-Year-Old Geldings World Championship as well as five other classes this season to earn 132 points and secure the second place finish in the High Point Report. Pat Hackney owns this talented entry. America Online edged out the third place spot by only two points in eight performances. Larry Edwards directed the Two-Year-Old Stallion Reserve World Champion to four wins this season. Paul Bryan now owns the entry who promises many more good performances in 2005. Sweepaway and Joe Cotten hit the ring eight times as well and came up with 126 points to finish in fourth in the points race. The 2004 Two-Year-Old Mare World Champion also won classes at the National Futurity, Grinder’s Switch, Great Strides and Dickson this season for owners Dr. and Mrs. R. Rigual. A Sensational Dumas and Winky Groover tied for the fourth place spot with 126 points earned from second and fourth place performances at the Celebration plus wins at Winchester, Woodbury, Wartrace and the Spring Fun Show. Don and Lucky Collins own A Sensational Dumas. Hey Hey Ole and Jimmy McConnell entered the gate seven times this season to earn three firsts, a second, two thirds and a fourth. Together this gave them 123 points for a fifth place finish in the point standings for owners Bob and Mary Medina. The rest of the two-year-old top 10 are PGA and John Allan Callaway, Card Trick and Jimmy McConnell, Major Ms Push and Dick Peebles, It’s Only A Game and Chad Baucom, and Jose Switchblade and Link Webb. Walking Yearlings I’m Shania Twain blew away the High Point Report. Earning more points than any other single entry, I’m Shania Twain and Roger Richards earned 499 points in 31, yes 31, performances. The 2004 Yearling World Grand Champion earned 23 blue ribbons and eight reserves in a season that could never be duplicated. Congratulations to our overwhelming High Point Report winners. Grandy’s Summer Love also earned an impressive point total - 256 points in 15 performances - for owner J.T. Nelms. Robert Nelms generally took the lead, but Ritz Ellis, Jesse Nelms, Amanda Nelms, and Kayrin Warren also got in on the action which includes six blue ribbons including a reserve world championship. Connie Waldo led her Grandee Ann to the third place finish in the High Point Report with 252 points earned in 22 performances. Highlights of the season include blue ribbons at Manchester, Lexington, Ala., Summertown, and Great Strides. Enrique Enrique and Robert Nelms secured the fourth place finish in the High Point Report with 206 points in 14 performances. Eight blue ribbons and two reserves contributed to the point total for owner J.T. Nelms. Another Robert Nelms entry, Don’t Touch Me I’m Armed, also makes the top 10 High Point Report. Don’t Touch Me I’m Armed won the Yearling Colt World Championship and was the reserve Yearling World Grand Champion in addition to winning nine other blue ribbons to earn 195 points and a fifth place finish. Rounding out the top yearlings of the year are No Fear At All and Carla Hurley, Papa’s Paladin and Beverly Lamp, Generator’s Maria and Nathan Mills, Rock of Ages and Nathan Mills, Encore’s Midnight Lady and Nolan LaRue, Savannah Lace and Lindsey and Casey Smith, and Pusher’s Immortal Image and Robert Nelms. Walking Weanlings The weanling competition was intensely close this year with only two points separating our High Point Report champion and reserve champion. The Weanling World Grand Champion A Jazz Attraction topped the point standings with 168 points earned in seven performances. Three wins at the Celebration made the difference earning 90 of these points. Add in a win at the National Futurity and two at the International and you have our winner. Curt Washburn owns this talented baby who is trained by Robert Nelms. Robert Nelms also trains the reserve High Point Report champion. Aerial Assault won the Weanling Colt World Championship this year and also won in Lynchburg, the International and the Southern Championships to earn 166 points in 11 performances. Look Who’s Taking Command earned the third point spot in the High Point Report with 136 points in 10 strong performances. Nathan Mills leads this talented entry for his grandfather Hoyte Eakes. In 2004 they won at Dickson, Great Strides, Pulaski, and Wartrace to earn their third place finish. Hurricane Georgia and Susan Shemwell took the fourth place finish with 119 points earned in 12 performances. Highlights of the season include wins at Tony Rice and Liberty Lions. Ray and Nancy Fincher own this weanling. Honky Tonk Jessie earned the fifth place finish for owner Roger Richards. Bobby Richards, Monica Thompson, Trever Curtis and Andrea Nelson all took turns showcasing this talented entry. Highlights of the season include two wins at the International. Rounding out the top weanlings of the season are Stonecutter’s Legacy and Chris Richards, Paroled by an Angel and Dennis Hills, Broken Affair and Bobby Richards, Armed’s Perfect Lady and Chris Richards, and Maxie In Command and Nathan Mills. Show Pleasure Ronnie Campbell and Pushin Backatcha cleared the competition in the points race by showing 13 times this season, more than anyone else, and with such success that they were 28 points ahead of the nearest competitor. Wins at Winchester, Alabama Jubilee, Walking for the Children, Eagleville, Oak Grove, and Lexington Lions highlighted a terrific season for the Frances Bivins owned entry. Willie Bust and Sam McLaughlin earned 115 points in eight performances to earn the Reserve High Point Championship. Wins at Stanly County Saddle C lub, Georgia Walking Horse Ladies Auxiliary, South Carolina Championships, South Carolina Ladies Auxiliary, and NCWHLA Walking for the Children capped off the season. Terry Givens directed A Golden Merger to the third place finish in the points race. Ten performances netted 99 points highlighted by wins at United Spring Show in Newport, Tenn., Surgoinsville, TN Horse Show, Tazewell Jaycees Horse Show, White Pine Charity and Chestnut Hill. He’s Cash’s Masterpiece and Jeff Green earned wins at Upper Cumberland, Mid America Spring, and Mississippi Gulf Coast to net 98 points and a fourth place finish in the point standings. Music In The Sky and Charlie Green won classes at ETWHA Trainers Show, Southern Championships, and North Carolina State Championships as well as earning a reserve world championship for owner John Eldridge to secure fifth in the points.

Rounding out the top 10 show pleasure horses are Pride of Charger and Angela Tuck, Coinmaker and Knox Blackburn, Andrew Johnson and Joe Cotten and David Landrum, Stewart Little and Brandon Stout, and Rebel’s Glitter of Gold and Joel Weaver.