A great horse and a great rider are a rare and impressive sight to see. On September 1st of 2001, thousands saw just that. The rider was trainer, Allan Callaway and the horse was Pride’s Jubilee Encore. That night, Allan and Encore reached a milestone in both of their careers, the 2001 World Grand Championship. The team had climbed to the highest point in the industry and could finally breath a sigh of relief, they had finally made it.

This year at the 2002 Celebration, a time was set aside to honor the champion horse and give his fans and supporters a chance to say goodbye. Owners, Kay Dennis, Charles and Florence Terry, and Jerold Pedigo, stood in center ring and watched as Allan exhibited the fine stallion one last time around the Celebration oval. Hundreds throughout the stadium lit candles and sat in awe as the champion made several passes around the ring. The lights, music, and sheer talent displayed by Encore truly made it a moment to remember for all in attendance. But to truly understand the magnitude of such a ceremony and appreciate such a horse, one must examine the long road Allan and Encore traveled to get to this point.

Encore started out with a generous amount of natural talent coming from both his sire, Pride’s Jubilee Star and his dam, the legendary Lady Fame. The year 1991 brought about the birth of several future world grand champions. He’s Puttin’ On The Ritz, Masquerading, Generator’s Santana, Cash For Keeps, and Pride’s Jubilee Encore were all foaled that same year and would all soon set out on each of their own quests for top honors. For Encore that quest began under the direction of trainer Bill Bobo. Owner, Kay Dennis purchased the handsome stallion as a three-year-old and placed him under Bobo’s direction.

Bobo successfully showed the gifted three-year-old at the Tennessee State Championships and the Southern Championship Horse Show in Atlanta, Georgia. Following his success as a three-year-old, Encore went on to claim a world championship in one of the four-year-old stallion classes at the Celebration. During his first few years in aged stallion competition, Encore picked up a Reserve Aged Stallion World Championship and a Reserve Amateur World Grand Championship as well as placing in the top five in the World Grand Championship stake three different times. Encore’s career was off to a great start but the best was still yet to come.

When Kay Dennis made the decision to move the handsome stallion to Allan Callaway’s barn, he became one step closer to wearing the roses. Callaway and Encore clicked instantly.

Callaway explained, “ What I liked most about him was that he responded to change. That way I knew what he liked and what he didn’t like. With each adjustment , we came closer to our goal. Every time I asked him for an extra something, he gave a little extra. There was absolutely no quit in him. It’s difficult to get two good shows out of a horse, especially within six or seven days of each other. But he did it. The horse had depth.”

The newly paired team of Allan and Encore began preparing themselves for the ultimate title. Callaway spent countless hours perfecting and fine tuning the stallion’s performance. After two years of forming a partnership and learning about each other, Allan and Encore were ready for the 2001 World Grand Championship.

Prior to the launch of Encore’s campaign for the roses, the ownership of the mighty black stallion changed. Former co-owner Alla Mai Ray had decided to sell her half of the ownership due to health problems. When the opportunity was offered to own half of the exciting horse, Charles and Florence Terry and Jerold Pedigo decided not to let it pass by. With the new committed partnership of Dennis, Terry, and Pedigo, Encore was ready to begin his campaign towards the ultimate award.

The new partnership had less than three months to organize and launch Encore’s World Grand Championship campaign. This was not an easy task since other competitors had already started their campaigns and the 2001 show season was already in full swing. This did not discourage the new ownership. Together they developed the Allan/Encore theme and virtually overnight fans began to talk. In no time at all Encore had become a recognized and feared contender. This was made stronger when Encore made a perfect performance to win the 2001 Trainers’ Show.

Following the Trainers’ Show victory Allan and Encore didn’t make a single show ring appearance for the rest of the season until the Celebration. This surrounded the team with mystery as people speculated about the them and just what they would be capable of at the Celebration. All speculations were put to rest during the final week of August as Allan and Encore prepared to take their home town of Shelbyville by storm.

Showing at the Celebration was made more special with the fact that Encore was bred, born, and raised in Shelbyville. The hometown team was faced with several of the industries finest such as Pushover’s Powerstroke, Generator’s Champion, and Black Vengeance in the preliminary and the championship. But none of that mattered to Allan and Encore as they headed into their greatest challenge yet.

With a win in the preliminary, signs lining the road, and a overwhelming support from their fans, Allan and Encore couldn’t have been any more prepared. Allan was determined to give it all they had during their bid for the title. That night the competition was fierce but Allan and Encore just could not be beat. As the spotlight landed on Encore and Allan’s back number was called out, Allan, Encore’s owners, and his legions of fans realized he had made it. Encore had now joined the ranks of Ebony Masterpiece, Sun’s Delight, and Pride’s Secret Threat as a World grand Champion.

Now Encore was ready to make yet another impression on the industry. This time at the breeding barn as the sire of future champions. Dennis, Terry, and Pedigo decided that Lytle Creek Farms of Murfreesburo would be the ideal place for the champion to stand as he began his new career. The initial response during the fall breeding season was outstanding as Encore bred to several top mares. There is no doubt that with so much natural talent and beauty, Encore’s offspring will continue his great legacy.

The final appearance at the Celebration was a special one for Allan and Encore. The retirement ceremony was one of the highlights of the 2002 Celebration and was a perfect way to bid farewell to the champion. With this behind him, Encore will resume his breeding career as his show ring career has finally reached it’s end. For Encore this has been a long road filled with memorable moments, success, and triumph. Congratulations Encore on a career well done.