By Christy Howard Parsons

Copyright WHR 2007

Horse Industry Organization representatives met in Washington, D.C. on Monday, May 7 to consider amendments to the 2007-2009 Operating Plan. The meeting resulted in three proposed amendments and one proposed agreement being circulated to the HIOs for their consideration. (See previous article HIOs Propose Amendments to Operating Plan – Updated)

The HIOs were asked to discuss the proposals with their respective boards and respond back to Robin Lohnes by Friday, May 11.

The Report has learned that seven of the eleven HIOs have expressed their acceptance of the changes; two have not accepted the changes and two have not yet made their position known. FOSH and NWHA have not accepted the proposals from the May 7 meeting. The United Mountain Horse HIO and the Kentucky HIO have yet to respond to Lohnes.

All of the other HIOs have indicated their acceptance of the proposed changes in the Operating Plan and will sign the plan based upon those changes being made. The largest HIO, the National Horse Show Commission, voted unanimously in a conference call Friday to accept the proposed changes.
According to NHSC Chairman, Wink Groover, the general membership of the Walking Horse Trainers' Association will vote on whether to sign the Operating Plan, if the USDA accepts the changes, in the trainers' next meeting next week. 

The Report will continue to update this story as information becomes available.