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The Walking Horse Report has received a joint press release from the Walking Horse Trainers Association Board of Directors and Ethics Committee regarding the investigation into Dick Peebles' alleged shoeing violation.

"The Walking Horse Trainers Association (WHTA) was recently notified of a potential violation of a serious nature. Upon receipt of this allegation, the Board of the Walking Horse Trainers Association voted unanimously to initiate an investigation by the WHTA Ethics Committee. The intent of the WHTA was to take quick action to investigate and address the accusation.

Upon initiation of the investigation, it became clear that proving the charges may be a lengthy process due to concern of chain of custody. The horse in question had been moved from one trainer’s barn to another, where the horse had been for a number of days before the alleged shoeing violation was ultimately discovered.

In order to promptly address the situation and to protect the welfare of the Tennessee Walking Horse and recognizing that the chain of custody is not as clear as it would be had the trainer presented or been handling the horse himself, an agreement has been reached with the trainer whose barn the horse had been moved from.

The trainer involved, Dick Peebles, while not admitting guilt, has agreed to accept responsibility for the violation since it possibly occurred while the horse was in his care. As a result, Mr. Peebles has agreed to a five-year suspension penalty, effective immediately. This suspension is consistent with the 2007-2009 Operating Plan Penalties for an illegal shoeing violation.

The WHTA Board of Directors and the Ethics Committee of the Walking Horse Trainers Association voted unanimously to approve the five-year suspension.

The WHTA is committed to ensuring compliance with the Horse Protection Act, protecting the welfare of the Tennessee Walking Horse and preserving the Walking Horse Industry for the future generations."

The Report contacted Dick Peebles who declined to make a comment at this time.