Two pit bulls attacked miniature horses recently at the Kennedy Walking Horse Farm in Clarksville, Tenn. Kevin Kennedy, owner of the Kennedy Walking Horse Farm which has been in the Kennedy family for 105 years, reported that a car driving by the farm observed two pit bulls attacking his miniature horses. One of the dogs had gripped the face of the four-year-old mare, Ella, and was digging in with his teeth, causing deep gashes in her face.

The little stallion in the herd, Zoro, began trying to kick the dog off of the mare and he was then attacked and his lip was ripped at the nostril area. The passers by were yelling on one side of the fence trying to get the dogs separated from the horses.

Kennedy received an emergency phone call from the Clarksville Police Department who were on the scene with animal control within minutes of the 911 call. When Kennedy arrived, the police had the two pit bulls cornered and the dogs were covered in blood. They captured the pit bulls and took them to animal control, where they were held in custody.

The miniature horses were in a field separate from the farm’s walking horses and they were able to capture the dogs before they could enter the field where the walking horses were grazing. Care was immediately provided to the horses by local veterinarians. The mare had to be sedated, placed on the ground and her face was stitched both on the inside and outside. The stallion received stitches in his nostril area.

The horses are expected to recover.