Long time Walking Horse Trainer, Davis Polk, had quite a scare while showing in the Three Year Old Walking Stallions class on Friday night, August 28, at the 2009 Celebration.  Ten years ago, David was found to have a form of Congestive Heart Failure. His doctors have kept a close watch over him and have followed up with routine testing.  It was decided by his caregivers that the time had come for additional protection, and a Pacemaker was installed on June 2, 2009.

While showing this year, David's heart beat was erratic, causing his Pacemaker to shock his heart three different times during the course of the class.  He finished the class, but was transported to Heritage Medical Center in Shelbyville, TN, soon after.  David's heart had reached a level of 185 beats per minute and he was on the verge of a Massive Heart Attack.  The Pacemaker recognized this and brought his heart back into rhythm.  David stayed overnight at Heritage and was then released to Vanderbilt for a reading of the Pacemaker. Doctors orders are no riding and no stress.  Davis plans on staying in Shelbyville for the next few days.

David Polk wishes to thank every one for the calls, concerns and most of all the prayers. "We have a great industry with great people, no matter how much anyone trys to say differently".