Owners recognize the need to be educated on all aspects of the Horse Protection Act and Regulations through organized clinics and seminars. Owners are a vital part of the solution to showing compliant horses and are eager to develop programs to meet these goals. In the past there have been numerous clinics and training sessions for DQP’s, VMO’s, and trainers. Dr. Chester Gipson has indicated owners should be involved in the welfare of their horses and gain a better understanding of the inspection process and compliance with the Horse Protection Act. 

A group of owners sponsored an educational clinic each night at the Fun Show. A Pre-Inspection Station was offered to demonstrate to owners the complete inspection process in real time.  The inspections were performed by four well qualified veterinarians Dr. John Bennett, Dr. Tony Kimmons, Dr. Steve Mullins, and Dr. Richard Wilhelm. In addition to this, Jerry Harris videotaped each inspection. During the process, three veterinarians inspected each horse according to the HPA and Regulation guidelines. Then owners and their trainers were free to ask questions about the inspection process as well as any issues with their horse. After the inspection was completed, owners could ask for personal documentation regarding the inspection of their horses. If there were any questions about these horses after inspection by the DQP’s or the VMO’s, the owners were able to return to the station for a review by the veterinarians.

The use of this service was overwhelming. The majority of horses shown at the Fun Show took advantage of this voluntary program, and the response from both the owners and trainers was extremely positive.  Owners who participated feel they are much more educated about the process and look forward to an industry organization assuming the Pre-Inspection Stations, seminars and clinics.

Owners and trainers are extremely grateful to the veterinarians and Jerry Harris for their continued commitment to the industry.