Mt Vernon, KY –  On April 16, 2010 PRIDE (Professional Regulation and Inspection for Dedicated Equestrians) received its official HIO (Horse Industry Organization) certification letter from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). PRIDE has fully complied with the Horse Protection Act and the USDA regulations to perform inspections of the Tennessee Walking Horse at all affiliated shows. PRIDE was formed in February 2010 by a group of walking horse enthusiasts who are also very successful business people. The primary goal was provide the walking horse industry with DQP’s that would inspect the horses at affiliated shows in a professional manner without any conflict of interest. PRIDE is committed to working with the USDA to fairly and consistently enforce the HPA. PRIDE believes that consistency is the key to the future success of the Walking Horse industry.  The Oversight Committee is committed to running the HIO as a business with respect and fairness shown to everyone.


PRIDE is currently taking affiliations for horse shows for the 2010 show season. PRIDE welcomes show managers to contact Sam Hamilton at 859-393-4979 or at to affiliate their show. PRIDE is also taking applications for anyone interested in becoming a licensed judge or DQP. Anyone interested in getting more information about PRIDE can contact Sam Hamilton at 859-393-4979 or