The Performance Show Horse Association, through its counsel Keating Muething & Klekamp, sent a letter to USDA-APHIS Deputy Administrator Bernadette Juarez seeking clarification on a recent release by APHIS.  The focus of the letter is a recent tech note that stated the HPA does apply to all breeds, “however certain requirements contained in the HPA regulations only apply to Tennessee Walking Horses and Racking horses, including the prohibitions on the use of certain substances and the competition restrictions and minimum rest periods for 2 year-old horses at horse shows, exhibitions, sales and auctions.

The letter from KMK clarifies the position of the USDA and asks for USDA to clarify the point.  “As you pointed out the “HPA applies to any horse, regardless of its breed.” The prohibition on applying an irritating or blistering agent, a chemical agent, or any other substance that as a result of such application or injection that causes a horse to be sore is prohibited for horse regardless of its breed.”

Click here to view the letter from KMK.