Editor’s Note: Steve Beech has requested that the Walking Horse Report print the following information.

Long-time Marshall County horseman Steve Beech made an appearance in court Monday, November 18, where he entered “best interest” pleas to charges of horse theft in Bedford and Putnam counties. He received a three-year probation sentence to charges in Bedford County to run concurrently with the probation he received earlier in the day from Putnam County.

According to Beech’s attorney Walter Bussart, the “best interest” plea is employed in cases where the defendant does not admit that he is guilty of the offense that he is charged with and when it seems that there is not sufficient evidence to support a guilty or not guilty decision. In these cases the defendant considers it in his best interest to enter a plea of guilty to get the matter behind him. The time involved in going through a trial as well as the expense of attorney fees are factors in this decision. Mr. Beech also feels that another situation involving a past personal relationship between himself and Mr. Weaver’s associate in this issue.

“Mr. Beech maintains that he did not commit the acts with which he is charged in either Bedford or Putnam counties,” Bussart stated. “However, to put the cases behind him, he believes it is better for him to enter these pleas.”

In addition to the probationary period, Beech was also ordered to pay restitution to the victims. However no restitution was ordered in the settlement of the Putnam County Case to either Mr. Joe Weaver or his associate Ms. Donna Kay Everett. When probation issues are met, this matter will be expunged from the record.