The Walking Horse Report will add four regional editions to its coverage in 2005. The Report will feature editions in California, the Carolinas, Georgia and Kentucky with additional special editions under consideration for 2006.

The special editions will be geared around the major events in the state or region and will spotlight coverage of those events as well as regional directories, featured and increased news from those areas. These special editions will be included in the mailing of the nationwide issue of The Report and there will be no additional charge to paid subscribers.

Additionally, extra copies of the regional editions will be distributed in that area at shows and events. The number and timing of the issues is currently being coordinated with the affected areas and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Report Publisher Christy Howard Parsons stated "We are excited to be expanding our coverage of these major hubs of walking horse activity. We have proven correspondents in these areas who will be supplemented by members of the full time staff at our office in Shelbyville to provide these areas with the very best coverage available."

Individuals, associations or events who are interested in providing information for these special editions is urged to contact The Report office.