Lewisburg, TN – TWHBEA is excited to announce that renowned clinician Tommy Garland has agreed to ride WGC Red Sunday’s Best at Road to the Horse this weekend at Williamson Ag Center in Franklin, Tennessee. Road to the Horse, an exciting and informative competition that pits three internationally known, elite horse trainers and clinicians against each other as they each work with an untrained horse over the course of a weekend, attracts thousands of spectators each year. In addition to Garland, this year’s competitors include John Lyons and Richard Winters. 

Garland will exhibit Red Sunday’s Best during his introduction Sunday morning. Owned and trained by Laurie Toone, Red Sunday’s Best is the current Western Lite Shod World Grand Champion.

In addition to Garland’s exhibition, TWHBEA will have an informational booth at the event.