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Rule Changes From NHSC


Rule V, Article 3, Section 2(b) Halter Classes. Note: Youth may show any sex weanlings. Youth may show yearling fillies and geldings only. (Effective 1/17/05)

Lite Shod, Trail Pleasure or Country Pleasure shoes:

A maximum weight limit of 2 lbs. is set for the Lite Shod, Trail Pleasure or Country Pleasure shoe. Shoe measurements stay the same.

The weight of the shoe will be checked if a shoe should be thrown at any time the horse is in the ring. Upon such occurrence the shoe shall be retrieved by the Judge or Ringmaster, and weighed by the Judge in center ring. Should the weight of the shoe be found to be over the 2 lb limit, it will be considered a technical violation, and for the purposes of penalty assessment, once the horse enters the ring it is considered a post show violation. (Effective 1/17/05)

The NHSC has also adopted new rules for the Equitation Division. If you would like a copy of these rules please contact the NHSC at 931/684-9506.

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