Random Thoughts on Celebration 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007



Judges Evaluation Forms

            At the request of the National Horse Show Commission, the Walking Horse Report has carried the official Judges Evaluation form in multiple issues during the Celebration, including the final Saturday edition. It will also be included in the post-Celebration Wrap Up issue.

            We encourage our readers to carefully fill out the form and mail it to the NHSC. The Commission is trying to give the horse public more input into the judging evaluation process and the availability of the forms has always been a problem.

            The Report is happy to join the Commission in this effort.


What A Horse

            No, this is not a plug for Jerry Harris and his very popular television program – it is a plug for a magnificent breed of horse. We sometimes take for granted the opportunities afforded trainers, owners and exhibitors by this horse.

            Consider we have had riders as young as six years of age in the show ring and at the same time a gentleman won a class who will be celebrating his 90th birthday.

            And my friend Bob Medina pointed out the other night a horse that placed in the ribbons earlier in the week was 24 years old. I do not know the name of the horse or the class he was in but I do know better than to question Medina’s facts.

            He still claims his beloved Princeton University has won more national championships in football than any other school and he sends you so much “research” that it is easier to agree with him than to have to read articles that are hundreds of years old.



Billy Young

            The Three-Year-Old Championship was exciting and featured some very talented horses and riders but it was heart-warming to see Billy Young win such a competitive class. It had to be a special night for Billy and his family.

            I have known Billy longer than either of us cares to admit and he is one of the finest people who have ever thrown a leg over a horse.



Alexander Fundraiser

            I want to extend a note of thanks to those who attended the reception for Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander earlier in the week. The Senator has always had an open door policy for our breed representatives and he very much appreciates the generosity of those who attended or made a contribution.

            A story with pictures will be featured in the Wrap Up issue.



Thank You

            Personally and on behalf of our company, I want to thank all of you for your very generous and loyal support of the paper and World Champion Horse Equipment during the show and all year long.

            I cannot tell you how proud I am of the staff that Christy has put together at the Report, both in the field and at the office all hours of the night. Nancy Edwards’s return to World Champion has made us a better company and I am proud to be associated with her.

            The sacrifices made by them and their staffs are what make it possible for me to spend so much of my time on Celebration matters. I picked a heckuva year to be Chairman of the Board and it is only through their efforts that I have been able to meet the commitments this position entails.



Celebration Diehards

            According to Judy Martin, this is her 63rd straight Celebration; according to her latest resume, she is 57 years old. Go figure. Jean Baum has been coming since 1954 and is always a delight to see.

            There are many other people who have told me their story on how long they have been coming to the Celebration but when they realize that will give their friends some idea of their age, they ask me not to print it. So far, those requests have been honored.