(Copyright 2005, Walking Horse Report) Toby Scarbrough withdrew his request to the NHSC board that his ten year suspension be reduced to time served.  The request was originally made at the December, 2004 meeting but was postponed until the January Commission meeting.  Prior to its consideration at the Monday, January 17 Commission meeting, Scarbrough asked that it be withdrawn.

Charges were brought against Scarbrough in January 2003 based on a sworn complaint alleging Scarbrough offered 1997 Celebration judge Jeff Hatcher $500 to tie his horse, Royal's China Doll, in the Plantation Pleasure Specialty Championship for Amateur Riders. Scarbrough went through a series of legal moves and appeals before the full Commission board voted in January 2004 to enforce the original penalty issued by the NHSC and upheld by the Independent Hearing Committee.

Scarbrough began serving his suspension at that time.