The Woodbury Lions Club, scheduled for July 2, has selected Dickie Scrivner and Jason Hughes to mark the cards for the 78th annual event. Scrivner and Hughes will alternate each class serving as the judge.  Woodbury has traditional had multiple judges rather than a rotating system.

Earlier this year, Scrivner judged the Mississippi Charity Horse Show in Jackson, MS.  He also judged the Mississippi Charity in 2013 and 2015.  Hughes judged the South Carolina Championship in the fall of 2015.  The event will be held at 5:00PM at the Woodbury Fairgrounds. Contact Bruce Steelman at 615-563-2554 or 615-542-1364 (cell).

Click Here for class schedule

ReporTV will be Live from the Woodbury Lions. There will also be highlight videos posted the following day.