Editor's Note: The following information was sent to us by Jennifer Pack, daughter of Sherry Oxford.

Photographer, Sherry Oxford, recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is still recovering
from her mastectomy and is now undergoing radiation treatments. The
diagnosis is infiltrating lobular carcinoma, stage 4. Her last oncologist's
visit confirmed that the cancer has spread into the bones of her hips and
spine, however, it has not spread to any major organs (i.e. brain, lungs,
liver, skin, etc.)

We are beginning with radiation treatments to her lower back area until June
1. After that the radiation oncologist will plot his next move for radiation
to the hips and her oncologist will decide if hormone therapy is in her
future. Chemotherapy is looking possible, but right now its just hard to say
for sure.

I've said it several times, but can't say it enough. The outpouring of
support, cards and calls has been overwhelming and humbling all at the same
time. You never know what tomorrow brings, but we have hope, faith and the
support of all of our family and friends in the horse industry and beyond.
Sherry will be fine.

She is currently shooting all of her horse shows; she's on schedule, so don't
count her out! :) If you attended the Cleveland, TN show this past weekend,
she was out there snapping away. (And for those of you who noted I was
keeping and close eye and making her take breaks!)

Again, with this in her bones, we're not out in the clear yet. To everyone
who has included Mom in your prayers, sent cards, stopped me at a horse show,
emailed and called, THANK YOU! We love you all for it.