The newly formed SHOW HIO has accepted 26 Designated Qualified Persons from the National Horse Show Commission. These DQP’s will be under the direction of Andy Messick, Director of DQP’s and Dr. Mike Harry, Compliance Coordinator. There were nine NHSC licensed DQP’s that were not accepted into the SHOW HIO program.
The list of licensed NHSC DQP’s was carefully reviewed and recommendations were made by individuals involved in the regulatory process. In addition, each individual’s file was evaluated prior to making a decision.
“After reviewing the record, we believe the individuals now being licensed as DQP’s by SHOW will maintain the high standards, principals and integrity of our new program,” said Celebration CEO Doyle Meadows. “We encourage DQP’s licensed by other HIO’s that are interested in working for SHOW to apply and we will consider their request. We want the very best of the best among the DQP’s.”
Those individuals being granted a DQP license with SHOW are:
Dr. John Bennett, Johnny Black, Neal Byrd, John Cordell, Jeff Daniel, Jesse Davis, William Edwards, James Fields, Benny Givens, Kathy Givens, Ira Gladney, Grover Hatton, Tony Horton, Dr. Tony Kimmons, Mack Motes, Andy Messick, Chris Messick, Lonnie Messick, Richard Messick, Dr. Steve Mullins, Lynn Raciti-Shost, Charlie Smartt, Ricky Statham, Charles Thomas, Clarence Wenham and John Wilson.
The following NHSC licensed DQP’s were not accepted into the SHOW program:
Ronnie Campbell, Harry Chaffin, Joe Cunningham, Sr., Jerry Eaton, Anthony Eubanks, David Finger, Larry Landreth, Harlan Pennington and Curtis Pittman.
SHOW intends to continue to monitor and evaluate the performance of their DQP’s throughout the show season and institute additional training in order to maintain the highest possible standards.
Andy Messick, DQP Coordinator said, “it is our intent to enforce the Horse Protection Act.  Of the six DQP’s that worked shows April 3rd and 4th, two received letters of reprimand and one was terminated. SHOW is serious about the DQP’s performing their duties.”