The SHOW Horse Industry Organization (HIO) has retained the services of Dr. Mark Akin and Donna Benefield to act as consultants during the 2010 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.  “We are happy to add these two well-qualified individuals to our team during the Celebration,” said President Dr. Stephen L. Mullins.

Dr. Akin and Benefield  will assist SHOW in observing all of the inspection process which includes the inspection area, warm-up ring, show grounds, trailers and judging.  Neither Dr. Akin nor Benefield will serve as a DQP during the show.  “Our process has been consistent all year long and we have welcomed these individuals and others to watch our inspections and provide any feedback and input they may have regarding our processes.  The SHOW inspection process will not change during the 11 days of the Celebration but we also welcome the help and input of Dr. Akin and Ms. Benefield,” concluded Mullins.

Dr. Akin is a practicing veterinarian from Collierville, Tennessee, well-versed in the application of the Horse Protection Act and has been a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners since 1986.  Ms. Benefield has been involved in issues surrounding enforcement of the Horse Protection Act for years and has been Administrative Director of the Horse Protection Commission, a certified horse industry organization, since 1997.

Funding for the consultation of Dr. Akin and Ms. Benefield was provided by the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration and the Foundation for the Advancement and Support of the Tennessee Walking Show Horse.