The SHOW HIO recently met and altered the requirements of many of the violations within their penalty protocol.  Beginning immediately, only violations that have a suspension of more than one year will carry a suspension from the showgrounds.  In addition to suspensions of more than one year, other violations that carry “special circumstances” may include suspension from the showgrounds.

In order for persons on suspensions from SHOW to attend SHOW affiliated events, that person will have to check in at the DQP station upon their arrival to the showgrounds.  They must then immediately leave the warm-up area and will not be allowed to be in the warm-up area, trailer area or participate in the coaching of any exhibitor while on the showgrounds.  If a suspended person violates these conditions, an additional six months will be added to their suspension and reviewed by the SHOW board.

“We are comfortable that this system will allow SHOW to monitor those activities of suspended individuals while attending SHOW affiliated horse shows,” said Dr. Doyle Meadows, CEO of SHOW.  He continued, “We have listened to our exhibitors, owners and trainers and felt like this was the best compromise for all interested parties.  We appreciate the willingness of those groups to accept our decisions and provide input as we make decisions such as this one and many more in the future.”

If a suspended party has any question about the conditions of their suspension they can call the SHOW office for clarification.