Dr. Mike Harry was previously announced as the interim Compliance Coordinator of SHOW.  SHOW is in the process of hiring a Compliance Coordinator and SHOW appreciates Dr. Harry serving in an advisory role.  “Dr. Harry has been gracious enough to serve as an advisor to SHOW and the Celebration during our time of transition.  We appreciate his willingness to continue to serve in an advisory role and look forward to his continuing in that role after a Compliance Coordinator is named,” said Celebration CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows.
“My veterinary practice does not allow me the amount of time needed to perform the duties of Compliance Coordinator of SHOW and I respectfully decline this position.  I fully support Dr. Meadows, SHOW, and the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry and will continue to be a veterinary advisor to SHOW,” said Dr. Harry.
Dr. Harry added, “As the industry moves forward to implement the suggestions made by the AAEP, I will continue to work to preserve and grow the future of all disciplines of the great Tennessee Walking Horse.”
Dr. Harry served on the AAEP task force responsible for authoring the “White Paper.”