SHOW CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows thanked his SHOW Task Force Chairpersons for their help throughout the year.  Joining Dr. Meadows were SHOW Chairman Charles McDonald, Mike Davis, Mike McGartland, Frank Eichler, Lee McGartland, David Howard, Bob Medina and John T. Bobo (not pictured Janice Fostek)

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - The SHOW HIO held a strategy meeting on September 23, 2009 to set the roadmap for the important Fall and Winter months.  The SHOW HIO, activated on April 1, 2009, has seen a whirlwind of activity surrounding the industry and its HIO since its activation.

At the beginning of the meeting attended by SHOW Task Force Chairpersons, SHOW Board members and Co-Compliance Coordinators, SHOW CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows presented each with a personalized brief case and Celebration tri-color ribbon as a token of appreciation.  "I can't thank these wonderful individuals enough for their contributions to SHOW and the Walking Horse industry," said Meadows.  "Our industry doesn't realize the tremendous sacrifices these individuals have made both personally and professionally to contribute to the success of SHOW," concluded Meadows.

The meeting focused on initiatives to be taken on over the next six months as SHOW looks to capitalize the industry's traditional off-season. Recently, SHOW hired Tony Edwards as DQP Coordinator and hopes to name a permanent compliance coordinator in the near future.

Areas to address include the SHOW Rule Book, SHOW Judges, continued improvement in compliance, funding for SHOW and relationships with industry organizations.  "We realize the importance of including WHOA, WHTA, and TWHBEA as we move forward with our rule book and other initiatives over the course of the coming year," said Meadows.  He continued, "We can't do this alone.  Our goal is for SHOW to be a full-service HIO that provides trainers, owners and exhibitors as well as the industry as a whole a product that we can be proud of and market all across the world."

Serving as Task Force Chairpersons are Mike Davis, Personnel, Frank Eichler, Sound Horse, Mike McGartland, Operating Plan, Bob Medina, Finance and Janice Fostek, Communications.  Drs. Steve Mullins and John Bennett serve as Co-Compliance Coordinators for SHOW.