The SHOW Rules Committee was recently forwarded a question regarding the equipment allowed in the pleasure divisions. The request came about from a question at the SHOW judges training on March 5, 2022. As a result of the question the following rulebook clarification was recommended by the SHOW Rules Committee to the SHOW
Executive Committee. The addition was passed by the Executive Committee and will be ratified by the full board at the next called meeting:

Effective Immediately (March 11, 2022)-

Pleasure Division:
Pleasure Horse Tails
The use of faux tails weighted and non-weighted shall be acceptable. The use of a tail tie shall be acceptable with the following stipulations.

1. Tie must be applied after DQP inspection
2. The material used in the tie must not be visible
3. The tail must lay in a natural position not pulled forward between hind legs.

The combination of tie and faux tail will not be allowed.