The following statement was issued by SHOW President Dr. Stephen L. Mullins.

I have extensively reviewed the tapes  of the World Grand Championship class at the 72nd Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration with SHOW Director of Judges Rollie Beard.  It has been the policy of SHOW all year to video the classes and strategically place cameras to capture the view of our judges to allow SHOW the opportunity to review the performance of our judges.  The cameras are placed where only that particular judges viewpoint is monitored.  Mr. Beard has reviewed video all year from horse shows across the country and at times has met with judges to review their decisions.
After spending hours reviewing the performance of our judges during the Celebration and more specifically the World Grand Championship class, I have determined that no disciplinary action is necessary against any judge at The Celebration.  Our Director of Judges has issued a statement after reviewing the tapes and SHOW supports his analysis of the judges performance.
Just like with the inspection process, I aim to continue to improve the judging process and will be working tirelessly over the next several months to prepare training, work with our judging committee and move the judging forward in 2011.  I am not a professional judge, nor do I hold a license, but understand the importance of high integrity, honest judging and improving the overall perspective of our judging program.  I would ask that all of our exhibitors, owners and trainers continue to practice patience as we move forward in 2011.