Andy Messick, DQP Coordinator for SHOW, released the following preliminary figures regarding inspections at the 39th Annual Fun Show.  In total the three nights saw 272 entries presented for inspection.  SHOW DQPs wrote 13 scar rule tickets and two unilateral sensitivity.

The USDA took information on 25 horses, which include the 15 horses that received tickets from the DQPs.  The breakdown from the USDA violations were 16 scar rule violations, seven unilateral sensitivity, one bilateral sensitivity and one refusal to have horse inspected.

On Thursday night the SHOW HIO Designated Qualified Persons (DQP) wrote a total of 6 tickets.  Four of those tickets were for scar rule violations and two were for unilateral sensitivity.

The USDA Veterinary Medical Officers (VMO) took information on the six tickets written by the DQPs and wrote an additional six tickets.  The specifics of the violations were not available at the time of this release.

Approximately 94 horses went through inspection on Thursday night.

Friday night hosted 104 entries in inspection.  SHOW DQPs wrote three scar rule violations and the USDA VMOs took information on those three entries along with one additional entry.

Saturday night saw 74 entries through inspection.  SHOW DQPs wrote six scar rule tickets on the night.  USDA VMOs took information on those six horses and an additional two entries on scar rule and one entry on unilateral sensitivity.