Charles McDonald, Chairman of SHOW, plans to request a meeting with WHOA President Frank Neal and continue efforts to include WHOA shows and their amateur card in a joint program with the SHOW HIO.  “I respect WHOA’s position but believe it is in the best long-term interest of the Tennessee Walking Horse and our two organizations that we move forward together if at all possible.”

This meeting will be a follow-up to previous meetings with SHOW CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows and Tommy Hall of WHOA.   They had met in person on September 29 and October 8 in addition to a phone meeting on October 28.  Unfortunately they were unable to come up with a plan that was mutually beneficial to both organizations.  Hall has also served on the SHOW Finance Committee since its inception.

“I remain committed to working with WHOA and I think Charles and Frank should be involved in the process as well as our respective boards.  We have plenty of time to put our programs together prior to next show season and I think it is incumbent on all of us to get that done,” said Meadows.

The key issue is whether or not SHOW will require a WHOA amateur card at their affiliated shows.  WHOA has committed to expanding their shows to over 50 this year but has not committed to affiliating them with SHOW.  SHOW’s position has been that it does not make sense to require a WHOA amateur card if WHOA does not affiliate all of their shows.