The following are the rule clarifications for the Show Pleasure and Park Pleasure division. Earlier in the year, the shank length for bits changed. Please note section 2 item 4. For any other questions or concerns please call the SHOW office at 931-684-9506.

A. General Rules for Show Pleasure and Park Performance

(1) Performs two gaits – flat walk and running walk
(2) Allowed use of acceptable pads and action device
(3) Horses shall be shown with a light and steady rein without pulling, pumping or jerking
(4) Braids to be worn
(5) English tack and attire are mandatory
(a.) Tack
    (i.) English saddle

(ii.) Standard English bridle with single rein
            (iii.) Standard walking horse bit (Show Pleasure)
            (iv.) Bits with shanks over 9 ½” are prohibited (Park Performance)
            (v.) Cross chain cavessons prohibited
            (vi.) Gag bits without shanks are prohibited
(b.) Attire
            (i.) English riding suit (saddle suit) underpasses on pants
            (ii.) English riding hat or helmet
            (iii.) Boots

(6.) Whips or crops are allowed and shall be four feet (4’) or less

(7.) Braced tails and humane tails prohibited