SHOW has had several instances early in this show season wherein immediate family members of professional trainers are showing customer’s horses in amateur classes. As a reminder, this is a violation of the SHOW Rulebook. More specifically:

(3) Relative of a Professional

    (a.) Any member of a professional's family who has reached his/her 18th birthday is a professional if he/she aids or assists in the activities which make the aforesaid a professional. 
    (b.) Any member of a trainer’s immediate family who has reached his/her 18th birthday shall be considered a professional if he/she shows a customer’s horse. This provision shall apply to exhibiting at any horse show.

Exception: A trainer’s immediate family may show a customer’s or co-owned horse in an open class and not jeopardize their amateur status.

Any reports of a violation of the rule to the SHOW office will be looked into. If the information is found to be valid a Letter of Warning (LOW) will be forwarded to that individual explaining if the violation of the rule continues amateur status will be pulled. If, after being sent a LOW, violation of the rule continues a suspension will be issued and the Walking Horse Trainers' Association will be notified and asked to forward an application for Professional Trainers License be sent.