The SHOW HIO has announced that no SHOW Card will be required for entries in Weanling and Yearling classes moving forward.  All weanlings and yearlings will be charged a $10 inspection fee in addition to the entry fee at horse shows.
Yearlings and weanlings that have already purchased SHOW cards will not be required to pay the $10 inspection fee for the remainder of 2011 and can show as many times as they want.
“After receiving feedback from many of our exhibitors and supporters, we have decided that it is best to suspend the SHOW card for these entries and go to a per inspection charge,” said SHOW President Dr. Steve Mullins.  “Horse shows across the country have seen less participation in these classes and we did not want our SHOW horse shows to be at a competitive disadvantage because of the lack of entries in these classes due to the price of the horse card,” concluded Mullins.
For more information please contact the SHOW office at 931-684-9506.