by Renee Isaacs

BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – The Edmonson County Saddle Club held its annual horse show on June 6, 2009, in Brownsville, Ky. Judy Martin judged the 29-class event. Rodney Dick, Scotty Brooks, Todd Smith and many others came out to support the show.

Rodney Dick and Sky Jam of Finish Line Farms won the Walking Stake class for Bud and Suzanne Moore. Another exciting performance of the show was watching The Indy 500 and Dick make their blue ribbon ride in the 15.2 & Under Open Specialty for Joann Dowell. Finish Line Farms, Scotty Brooks and Todd Smith won three or more blues.

Many spectators supported the nice show and said they would return for the fall show. Show Manager Larry Starnes would like to thank everyone for their support and invite everyone back next year.

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