by Renee Isaacs

LUCAS, Ky. - The 29th annual South Central Kentucky Walking Horse Banquet was held at the Barren River State Park Resort Lodge on Saturday, March 3, 2007. The roomed was full with over 160 walking horse owners, trainer and exhibitors in attendance.

The second year of the South Central Idol was the highlight of the evening, with “Scooter Davis” as the DJ for the event. The three judges were Jason Hughes as Simon Cowell, Robyn Smith as Paula Abdul and Charlie Brown as Randy Jackson.  Several contestants auditioned, but only one could win. The three finalists were Gary Oliver, Ashley Shelton and Ashley Moore. Gary Oliver sang “Butter Beans”, Ashley Moore sang “Grandpa” and Ashley Shelton sang the smash hit, “Break Down Here”. The audience decided the new South Central Idol by giving money to their favorite contestant. Ashley Shelton, the daughter of Billie Shelton of Bowling Green, Ky., claimed the title with over $165 in winnings. All proceeds will go to the South Central Kentucky Scholarship Fund.

The evening started off with an invocation from Jamie Woosley and a wonderful meal provided by the Barren River State Resort Lodge.

Duane Rector then announced that the KY-HIO would not be signing an operating plan at this time and that the KY-HIO oversight committee has developed a penalty structure which will be in use at all KY-HIO affiliated horse shows in 2007. The 2007 penalty structure is as follows:


I.                    Pressure Shoeing – Lifetime suspension for the trainer from showing.

II.                 Bi-lateral Sensitivity – Eight months suspension for trainer

III.               Uni-lateral Sensitivity- Two weeks suspension

IV.              Scar Rule- Horse does not show (If a trainer is found to be in violation of the scar rule three times, any subsequent violation will result in a two-week suspension for each violation incurred.)   Post-show scar rule violation will result in a two-week suspension.

V.                 Technical Violation – May show if violation is corrected to the satisfaction of the Designated Qualified Person.  If violations are not corrected to the satisfaction of the Designated Qualified Person, the horse may not show.

            The penalty structure will begin Jan. 1 of each year and run through Dec. 31 of the same year with all suspensions from previous year to be served in their entirety.  While serving a suspension, a person may not present a horse to the DQP, show, exhibit or be presented through the ring at a public auction.


South Central Kentucky members recognized some of the members who supported the banquet as well as the horse industry. For the first year, they decided to have a Hall of Fame. They introduced three members this year. The inductees and their induction speeches follow.

Joe Shelton

Whether you have known our first inductee for days, years, or for a lifetime. If you know him, then you know that he loves the horse and the people in the industry. Throughout the years, the horse has won him many friends. Whether at the creek-bound community show grounds, at a local training barn, at a Saturday night horse auction, or at a highly recognized multi-day show, you have probably seen him. He has supported each of us in many ways, from giving us our first ride on walking horse, putting someone in the show ring for the first time, assistance in achieving that first blue ribbon and even giving a young trainer on the rise a nice colt to work.

As a KWHA board member, he and Ronnie Vincent solicited a $500 pledge from the KWHA to help host the very first South Central Kentucky Awards banquet. From that donation, our banquet has grown successfully throughout the years and was able to give nine scholarships in 2006.

In the 1960s he started the industry’s most successful Amateur Owned and Trained teams, consisting of his wife, Barbara, and daughters, Frankie Jo and Billie. He also enjoyed many years of Sun Up’s Damn Yankee wins along with various other horse honors and putting Lucas, Ky., on the map. How many coveted sportsmanship awards has been bestowed unto him? So many we cannot estimate. He has served as show manager for many shows in Barren Co., a licensed judge and donated his time as a ringmaster for the Kentucky Celebration.

Today he enjoys seeing his grandchildren, Jarrett Bradley and Ashley Shelton, compete in the show ring and he supports them as he has many others throughout the years.

You might say that he is one of the best Joe’s around – he is Joe Shelton.

Romie Sanders

The second inductee has served in countless walking horse capacities for over four decades. His memory continues to lie heavily on our hearts. A farrier, an exhibitor, a DQP, a judge, a horse show manager, KWHA director for multiple terms, amateur owned and trained operator, ringmaster, groom, a ground man, but most importantly, a true friend to the horse and to the people who comprise the horse world. Simply stated, he would work with any person, in any role, on any day, at any hour to make the wheels turn for the horse industry advancements.

He was one of the founders of this annual awards banquet here tonight and for years, he diligently worked to ensure the event’s success. He is also a devoted member of the Brownsville Lions Club and saddle club. At his passing, he left his brother, Leroy, and long time friends and family. This man is Romie Sanders.

James “Papaw” Woosley

The final hall of fame inductee is known to be reliable, loyal, caring, respected. These are only a few of the words used to describe the person that I would like to introduce. He has been in the walking horse industry for 40 plus years. He has trained, shown, groomed and supported the walking horse industry through the good times and the bad. There is no doubt he has touched the lives of many of the people in this room. Some of you know him as Mr. Woosley, James, or Pap, but I prefer Papaw. He is James “Papaw” Woosley.

After the hall of fame introductions, the next item on the agenda was the live auction and the auctioneer of the evening was Mark Thompson. Many auction items were donated from several people, including a wide variety of stud fees, gift baskets, etc. Tommy Loid Stables donated the top auction item, which brought $430 and consisted of a cooler filled with Western Kentucky hats, shirts, a stadium blanket, two cup coolers and four season tickets. The auction brought in an outstanding amount of approximately $6,000 and the money raised is used for the South Central Kentucky Scholarship Fund.

The 10 scholarship recipients for 2006 were presented with a check for $950 each and are as follows: Shana Hughes, Wesley Hendricks, Whitney Thomas, Kyle Campbell, Kyle Herald, Justin Mosley, Jennifer Brooks, Tommy Loid III, Theodora Hibbard and Amber Wayne. Applicants can qualify for the scholarship if they are currently in school at the time of the application and if they are somehow involved with the banquet, horse shows, etc. in the South Central area.

Melanie Jones announced the 2006 high point awards for 29 divisions. The yearling division was first to be announced. Paul Massie claimed first and second place ties in this division with The Precious Gem and He’s Generator By George. Jolie’ Jolie’ and Mitzi Butler were third.

Chance For Sun dominated the country pleasure divisions, both youth and open, for Walter Stillwell. Pride’s Magic Sunrise and Elaine Brown were the reserve high point winners in the youth country pleasure.

Grand Safari was the high point winner in the plantation pleasure division for owner Walter Stillwell of Eastview, Ky.

Up next was the plantation pleasure lite-shod division. Dare To Compare and Bailey Allen claimed the top award, while Linda Starnes claimed the reserve award.

Christine Woodburn and Evil Eyed Generator were the 2006 High Point Champions in the Park Performance class. Brent Grider accepted the reserve award for Skywalker and the Andy Withers family. Grider Stables claimed four awards for the evening.

The Open Show Pleasure top recipients were Woosley and Traughbor with Fatal Heart Attack for the Woosley family of Alvaton, Ky. Brent Grider tied for this high point standings position with Merging Into One for Grider Stables of Columbia, Ky.

            Dollars Worth and Romney Harris were the Amateur Show Pleasure High Point winners.  The reserve winners were A Fine Prowler and Ronnie Brooks. Brooks Stables earned a total of nine awards in all.

            The Juvenile 11 and Under award went to Claire Ottman from Spencer Benedict Stables. The reserve award went to Lana Copas and ET’s Startrek.

            Jessica Martin was pleased to accept the Juvenile 12-17 award that she won with Armed Rock Solid. Jayvees Ritz and Dustin Smith claimed the reserve honors.

            The third win for Brooks Stables came in the Two-Year-Old Open division. Mallory Lawrence and Rudy Tootie were the winners. The reserve award was given to David Smith and A Major Uprising.

            Loid Stables received their second of nine awards for the night when the Two-Year-Old Amateur division was announced. Bio Willey and Harold Covington earned the top prize in this class. Ruth Logsdon and Delight Of Neon were the reserve high point winners.

            Next up on the list was the Three-Year-Old Open class. Dorothy Delaney was proud to accept the award that was won by her horse, Pride’s Pusher’s Girl, and trained by Todd Smith. Johnny Cash For Keeps and Betty Brooks came in the second slot.

            The Three-Year-Old Amateur high point award was received by Sweet Honey On The Rocks and Howard Eastridge. My Designer Genes and Frank Prather won the reserve award.

            Juan In A Million and Todd Smith won the Four-Year-Old Open award for Carroll Doyle of Cynthiana, Ky. Cash On Line and Charlie Mosley were the reserve recipients.

            Ronnie Grider busted the high point award in the Four-Year-Old Amateur division with Busting With Design. Black Vengenance Of Motown and Debbie Myatt claimed the reserve award.

            JoAnne Frank claimed the Ladies Amateur high point win with Bust A Move from Tommy Loid Stables. Lemar Depoyster accepted the reserve award with Altima.

            Next on the list was the Open Amateur Walking class. Carolyn Neely won the high point award with City Hall for Kay Neely. Blair Campbell earned the reserve award with Break Out.

            Joe Estes claimed one of many awards that were won by Loid Stables, the Amateur Specialty award. Estes won top honors with My Ritzy Lady. Debbie Myatt from Brooks Stables was second with Master Miracle.

            Another win from Loid Stables was the Open Specialty division with Bright Red for Lemar Depoyster. Charlie Mosley and Threat’s Royal Sweepstakes were presented with the reserve award.

            The top three award winners in the Walking Stake division were Superior Gemerator and LE Walton, Keep’s Strike Gold from J & H Stables and Capone from Spencer Benedict Stables.

            Including first, second and third place awards, the South Central banquet consisted of nearly 100 awards. South Central members who won a world championship in 2006 were honored with an award and they were Todd Smith, Jason Hughes, Karen Rector, Spencer Benedict Stables and Brent and Julie Grider.

            The members of South Central Kentucky ask that everyone come back next year and join them for another night of food and fun.

2006 SCKWHA High Point Awards


1          The Precious Gem        Paul Massie

2          He’s Generator By George       Paul Massie

3          Jolie Jolie          Mitzi Butler

Youth Country Pleasure

1          Chance For Sun           Walter Stillwell

2          Pride’s Magic Sunrise   Elaine Brown

3          Gigi Onyx         Logan Hankins

Country Pleasure

1          Chance For Sun           Walter Stillwell

2          The Red Regulator        Pat Hancock

3          I’ve Got The Advantage           Sarah Withers

Plantation Pleasure

1          Grand Safari     Walter Stillwell

2          Red Rider Pistol           Dwight & Burley Richardson     Hester Stables

3          Psychedelic Dollar        Bailey Allen      James Scott

Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod

1          Dare To Compare        Bailey Allen      James Scott

2          Travelin Time    Linda Starnes

2          Silver’s Spinal Tap        Carrier Family

2          Gen’s All Night Eddie Barclay

2          Midnight Mr. Easy        Breanna Ashby

3          Sunfires Twilght Zone   Verna Beard

Park Performance

1          Evil Eyed Generator      Christine Woodburn

2          Skywalker        Andy Withers Family    Grider Stables

3          Texas Millionaire          Barry & Karen White

Open Show Pleasure

1          Fatal Heart Attack        Woosley & Traughbor  Woosley Stables

1          Merging Into One         Grider Stables

2          A Fine Prowler Ronnie Brooks

3          Walking On Main Street           Buist Carr

Amateur Show Pleasure

1          Dollars Worth   Romney Harris Travis Craft

2          A Fine Prowler Ronnie Brooks BrooksStables

3          Dangerous Mystery      Kent McGary   Loid Stables

3          Double Shot Of Gen     Amber Waggner           Eddie Barclay

3          Walking On Main Street           Jeff Johnson      Buist Carr

Juvenile 11 & Under

1          She’s High Falutin         Claire Ottman/Claire Ottman Family      Benedict Stables

2          Et’s Startrek     Lana Copas/Jerry Patton Family           Loid Stables

3          A Sweet Touch            Nick Rippy/Andy Rippy Family            Biust Carr

Juvenile 12-17

1          Armed Rock Solid        Jessica Martin   Terry Martin Family      Terry Martin

2          Jayvees Ritz      Dustin Smith     Dustin Smith

3          Frosted Flakes Alexis Tooley/Skid Montgomery           Grider Stables

Two-Year-Old Open

1          Rudy Tootie     Mallory Lawrence        Brooks Stables

2          A Major Uprising         David Smith

3          Latin Lover       Tommy Grider  Grider Stables

3          Ebony’s Mask  Charlie Mosley Highland Sables

Two-Year-Old Mare & Gelding

1          Black Magic Cash        Jay Wright        Smith Stables

2          Deadly Combination     Bobby Jones    Loid Stables

3          Bernuda J         Smith & Oliver Dustin Smith

Two-Year-Old Amateur

1          Bio Willey        Harold Covington         Loid Stables

2          Delight Of Neon           Ruth Logsdon   Campbell Stables

3          Twisted Gen     R.C. Gabehart

3          Color Me Evil   R.C. Gabehart  J & H Stables

3          PowerStrokes Grandy  Ray Jones Trucking      Day Stables

3          Extreme            Hutchenson, Stokes, and Skipworth      Iglesias Lopez

Three-Year-Old Open

1          Pride’s Pushers Girl      Dorothy Delaney          Todd Smith Stables

2          Johnny Cash For Keeps           Betty Brooks    Brooks Stables

3          My Designer Genes      Frank Prather   Brooks Stables

Three-Year-Old Amateur

1          Sweet Honey On The Rocky    Howard Eastridge         Dustin Smith

2          My Designer Genes      Frank Prather   Brooks Stables

3          Dancing With Evil         Troy and Sharon Curry Curry Stables

Four-Year-Old Open

1          Juan In A Million          Carroll Doyle    Todd Smith

2          Cash On Line   Charlie Mosley Highland Stables

3          The White Mask           Karen Bethel    Loid Stables

Four-Year-Old Amateur

1          Busting With Design      Ronnie Grider   Grider Stables

2          Black Vengence Of Motown    Debbie Myatt   Brooks Stables

3          Gen’s Colonel Jim        Claudine Lindsey          Loid Stables

Ladies Amateur Specialty

1          Bust A Move    JoAnne Frank   Loid Stables

2          Altima  Mamar & Gordan Depoyster    Greg Haley

3          Sunfires Steel Spirit       Amanda Chaffin            Terry Wayne Lawrence

Open Amateur Walking (Canter)

1          City Hall           Carolyn Neely  Kay Neely

2          Break Out        Blair Campbell  Campbell Stables

3          Half Dollar        Kenny Hendrick Family            Brooks Stables

Amateur Specialty

1          My Ritzy Lady  Joe Estes          Loid Stables

2          Master Miracle Debbie Myatt   Brooks Stables

3          I’m Indio          Al Lenardon     J & H Stables

Open Specialty

1          Bright Red        Lamar & Gordan Depoyster     Loid Stables

2          Threat’s Royal Sweepstakes     Charlie Mosley Highland Stables

3          Ritz Carlton      Doug & Bobby Wilson J & H Stables

3          Tricolor            Frank Prather   Brooks Stables

3          Bold’s Atlantis  Andy Rippy Family       Buist Carr

Walking Horse Stake

1          Superior Generator Threat        LE Walton        Loid Stables

2          Keep’s Strike Gold      Marlene Handy J & H Stables

3          Capone            Farmers Livestock Market        Benedict Stables

Membership Voted Awards

Juvenile Sportsmanship Award

Nick Rippy

Amateur Sportsmanship Award

Courtney Grider

Professional Sportsmanship

Jason Hughes

Groom of the Year

Josuay Lopez

Supporter of the Year

Lyon Hutcherson Jr.

Cheerleader of the Year

Alecia Hendricks

Best Horse Show of the Year

Brownsville, Ky.