The 41st Annual Spring Fun Show began on Thursday May 26, 2011 with 16 classes inside the Calsonic Arena on the show grounds of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville, Tenn.  The nasty weather that struck the Middle Tennessee area on Wednesday night left and the Calsonic Arena hosted some of the industry's finest horses.

There were 148 entries for the first night of the show, which had one less class than the first night last year.  Thursday night last year hosted 189 entries, however comparisons are tough as several classes were moved to different nights.

Of the 148 entries, 39 were flat shod and 109 were padded.  The flat shod classes averaged 7.8 entries and padded classes averaged 9.9 entries.

The Spring Fun Show continues tonight and Saturday with both performances beginning at 6:00PM.  For complete results from last night click here.  For judges cards click here.