The Shelbyville/Bedford County Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with The Celebration presented their annual awards Stable Decorating awards on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

The stables entered in the competition were judged on elegance, taste, beauty, equine décor, neatness, work efficiency and a pleasant and inviting appearance with a friendly atmosphere. Stables are entered in three divisions with three winners: Division A (horses stabled on Celebration grounds), Division B (horses not stabled on Celebration grounds 1-6), and Division C (horses not stabled on Celebration grounds 6+).

Division A
1st Bryant Norwood Stables 

Division B
1st Tintern Abby Farms

Division C
1st Leatherwood Farm
2nd 4 The Glory Farm
3rd Brandon Givens Stables

Mayor’s Award: Tintern Abby Farm