Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) Horse Shows Vice President Pat Stout has sent an objection to the recent executive committee action to turn her case over to the enforcement committee.

In an email from her attorney Clant Seay, Stout claims that in order for the enforcement committee to take action there must be a formal complaint filed, which to this point has not happened.  The email included the following:

“On behalf of my client,  I object to and protest the Motion made by Rob Cornelius, and seconded by Mike Hicks, and  approved by the Executive Committee on September 27, 2013, "to turn the matter of my client's conduct and actions over to the Enforcement Committee and that the Committee would make a recommendation/s to the Executive Committee within 60 days" as being improper and fatally flawed…”

Enforcement Vice President Denise Bader Keyser had scheduled an enforcement committee meeting for this week but canceled the meeting due to “personal circumstances.”