The streaming video webcast of the 2007 Celebration has, unfortunately, had its share of problems this year. Charter Communications is continuing to work to find solutions to the issues the system has faced. One of the major contributing factors to the problem was the major lightning storm in Shelbyville on Friday night. At least two buildings on the Celebration Grounds took direct hits during that storm. Inspecting thousands of feet of cable and equipment over a 100-acre complex has been time-consuming, but the work continues.

Subscribers will be given full refunds for any session that has not been viewable. Those who have purchased the Championship Pass or All-Access Pass will receive their pro-rated refunds at the end of the show.

Charter has been a valued and loyal partner with The Celebration for several years and has provided webcast services for the past three years with little or no problems. We apologize to those customers that have suffered the outages this year. We are confident and hopeful that the problems can be diagnosed and resolved quickly so uninterrupted viewing of the show can take place.